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Throwback Thursday

Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill are arguably and respectably considered two of the some of the greatest musicians of all time.

‘Turn your lights down Low’ featuring Lauryn Hill, released in 1999 is a remix of Bob’s original song. The song almost sounds like it was made for a voice like Lauryn. The song is marinated with so many harmonies as Lauryn repeatedly sings “I wanna give you some love…I wanna give you some good, good lovin'”. Lauryn even provides a rap voice to expand her already talented range. The song is definitely one of the greats and if you haven’t had a listen, please do.

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Music Monday

I love listening to old school music because the messages are always timeless. A song to start your week is an old song by artist Donell Jones. The song was part of his 2006 studio album entitled ‘Journey of a Gemini’.

The song is a serenade to a mystery women where Donell sings that he is willing to go anything she wishes. “I dont want you to think about none of the problems you got going on baby”. The song features Bun B and he provides a nice rap balance to the soft song.

It’s a great song to start your week so take a listen below!

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New Music Friday.

British duo Krept and Konan have recently advertised the fact they are about to open a restaurant called ‘Crepes & Cones’. The restaurant is a food and dessert place based in Croydon (the hometown of the duo) and is due to be opened on Saturday the 12th May 2018. In anticipation for the release, they have released a song also with the same title featuring Mo Stack and Steel Banglez of the production. The opening is tainted a hit with the sad news that the manager and the duo’s close friend ‘Nash’ had died. The duo have announced the proceeds of the song will be given to his family.

Krept opens the song; “Who’d ever thought I’d move food again? Man’s some serious guys….Don’t waffle ’bout crepe”. The song features the duo’s usual clever wordplays and is a great promotional song for their new venture!


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Throwback Thursday (US Style)

Today’s entry is Meek Mill’s beautiful song “Save Me”. The song was originally released as the opening song on “Meekend Music II” but Meek re released on his 2017 album ‘Wins & Losses’. The song is quite personal as it focuses on Meek finding himself again after all the drama that had been happening in his life such as fame and prison.

Certain lyrics depict Meek’s state of mind as he frequently sings “Somebody save me, save me” demonstrating his need for guidance. Meek is arguably most known for his hyped up songs and club bangers but the song has a vulnerability to it that really suits him. It probes the versatility to Meek and the evidence that he is here to stay. The ending is quite sad too as he sings “In a cell all alone, can’t let it phase me. I just wanna make it home to see my baby”.

Check out the track below.

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Songs to start your Week.

1. Dua Lipa Ft Saweetie – IDGAF.

‘IDGAF’ was one of the hit songs of 2017 and now Dua Lipa has remixed it with the help of woman of the moment Saweetie. I’ve mentioned Saweetie before and I really believe she is going to go very far in the music industry. She provides a new angle to female rap and is quite unique. This song is such a female empowerment song and I love the fact Saweetie brings her sassisness to an already sassy song. My favourite lines are: “Glowing up and blowing up, that’s what I’m about to do. When it’s all been happening since I left you”.<<<<(How can you not love her?)

2. Professor Green Ft Dutch – Mercedes Riddim

Professor Green is back!!! It’s been quite a while since he’s released a song & he definitely came back with a bang. It’s no secret that Professor Green is a big fan of Mercedes-Benz cars so this song was inevitable. The song features Steff Lon Don’s brother ‘Dutch’ who is fairly new to the scene. His unique tone of voice (quite husky) balances with Pro Green’s distinctive voice. The beat on this song is amazing too and is a song you’d want to play with a loud volume. Pro Green is definitely famous for his funny punchlines and he did not disappoint on this song. One of my favourites: “My skin colour ain’t nothing to make light of, we’re all the same colour when you turn the light off”

3. Post Malone – Taking Shots

Post Malone recently released his debut album “beerpongs and Bentley” The album is filled with great songs that have amazing vibes to it. This song is one of my favourites on the album. The song started with: “Drinkin’ all night, but we ain’t done yet” and straight away you find yourself bopping your head. Honestly this song is the kind of song you’d want playing in the background when you’re trying to chill. Take a listen below.