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Free Mason

I recently stumbled upon a debate about whether Rick Ross is one of the best. I never considered his discography before but I must admit…he is a living legend. He actually is one of the best lyricists we have in rap at the moment.

This particular song is based on Rick Ross’ rise to success.

The lyrics that stick out to me; “Biggie Smalls in the flesh livin’ life after my death”. This line resonates with me because Ross is often compared to Biggie and I think it’s because of the physical similarities. While they both have amazing flows…Biggie is definitely one of a kind. Another line; “Lookin at my Rollie it’s about that time…white man had a problem with mine
And we suppose to be shy?”. <<<<<< THIS LINE IS SO RELEVANT.

There is a stereotype associated with Black men and their love for fancy things. A prime example of bias is the MMA boxer Conor McGregor and the boxer Floyd Mayweather. They both talk and mention money…however Floyd is constantly criticised for his mention of it. Similarly the black Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton is also criticised for his love of fancy things. Rick Ross is simply saying why should black people keep quiet about their fancy things? Simply because ( some) white people have a problem with it.

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U Saved Me

This song is so spiritual. Despite my personal feelings on R Kelly and his integrity, I will admit he makes beautiful music.

This song is based on Faith and God. In the song he describes a number of life changing events and how God showed him mercy through every situation. There comes many moments in life where God saves us and we are reminded of his grace. One could argue everyday we are saved.

This song just reiterates all of those points.

Favourite Lines; “I stopped believing in his word & got so mad at him. When somebody say God’s good I just laugh at them. & in the nick of time his blessing rained on me. By his grace the phone ring a lady says were hiring & that’s when I knew”.

Never underestimate the power of God. However, we are all human and sometimes need reminding.

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Hold On

As a Nigerian…there are certain Nigerian artists that I will classify as modern day legends in the game. I would say Iyanya without a doubt, definitely is!! He can sing, dance and he makes good music. I feel a sense of “home” when I hear him sing in his broken Pidgin English. This soft tempo song is produced by ‘Don Jazzy’ who is another legend in the Nigerian scene (producer wise).

“Take your time you know….love be like russian roulette you know…I know say your time dey go…..But that no mean say romance be true love”. The song is about waiting for true love. You get the impression Iyanya is talking to a woman telling her to take time. I feel this song is so relevant in the African community because stereotypically we are brought up believing we have a clock. This is more prominent with African women so it is a bit comforting to hear this from a man.

This particular song has a very interesting accompanying video. A line that sticks out to me; “Wetin be your own be your own, if no be your own leave am alone” < he’s basically saying to the woman, if the man has a woman already..leave him alone. This line slyly contradicts the previous statements. Why should the woman leave him alone? Shouldn’t the man be the one to control himself seeing as he’s the one in the relationship?

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Rotimi is most famous for acting in the TV show ‘Power’. However he’s actually a singer who recently released an EP entitled ‘Jeep Music, Vol.1″. This particular song is such a nice slow jam. The song reminds me of old school R&B where the man just serenades the lady. There are no unnecessary expletives or exaggerated sexual innuendos….just Rotimi singing his heart out. I miss this kind of music to be honest.

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Calm Down

Jae5!!! Honestly. Jae5 is a magician. He is one of my favourite producers. He has the ability to fuse beats in a unique way. The drop in this song is just incredible.

As usual with a Burna Boy song he is able to infuse Patois and Pidgin English in his music.

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This song gives me memories. Memories of when I used to listen to Burna Boy before he went mainstream. It’s a feel good song that provides great vibes.

“I can’t come and kill myself” is the line that sticks out. It is a very common Nigerian saying and this is literally my motto and should be everyone’s whenever they feel stressed. If it’s a situation you can’t help….let it go.