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#TuneTuesday Blxst & Russ – A recipe for SUCCESS.

I could dedicate a whole blog to Blxst or even Russ. There aren’t many artists out there at the moment that I can say I have liked every single song they have put out. (UK group WSTRN would probably be next in the list). Seeing Blxst and Russ collab was everything I expected it to be. Both of them could easily drop a collab tape!!

Their song “Fck Boys” was released on Friday with Blxst’s 2 song project “Just For Clarity“. The song focuses on Russ and Blxst singing about a woman who has been burnt and hurt by a “Fck boy” in the past and is finding it hard to let other guys in. Both artists are perfect at serenading and singing about women.

My favourite line in the song would have to be from Russ when he sings “Girl, who the fuck is he to fuck you up for life?”. A word!!!!

Check out the 2 song project below:


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