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Throwback Thursday! Pusha V Drake?

So! Its nearly the end of the week even though with the bank holiday, this has been a quick one! Today’s features for throwbacks are based on current events happening in the hip hop community. I’m sure we’ve all heard the “rap beef” happening between Drake & Pusha T…& if you haven’t, you better update yourself! In the spirit of it, I’ve selected two throwback songs that feature Drake and Pusha!!!

1. Future Ft Pharrell, Pusha T & Casino – Move That Dope

Pusha T is famous for his references to drug dealing or drug taking as previously stated and this song by Future released in 2014 contains a very memorable Pusha T verse. His verse contains famous puns such as “Young enough to still sell dope but old enough that I knows better” in reference to what you do with the drug Cocaine. Additionally in the verse he raps “Pablo, Versace way before Migos” which is a clever reference to the famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar as well as a reference to the famous “Versace” song by Migos. It can be argued that because Pusha T only raps about the same thing that he can not be considered versatile but it could be argued he raps about what is his reality and that could mean he is not fake.

2. Dj Khaled Ft Drake & Rick Ross – I’m on One

Drake has many features on songs and his verses are usually always memorable just like the one in this song by DJ Khaled, realeased in 2011. The first line from the song is classic & is well known; “Uhh, I’m getting so throwed, I ain’t went this hard since I was 18”. Pretty sure everyone that knows this song gets excited just from hearing those words!

3. Rick Ross Ft Drake & French Montana – Stay Schemin

I had to add this song very quickly because Drake’s verse on this song has to be one of his bests. Just gonna add the infamous lines; “Kobe ’bout to lose a hundred fifty M’s. Kobe my nigga, I hate it had to be him. Bitch, you wasn’t with me shootin’ in the gym”. Hands down one of the most memorable Drake lines!

Overall both artists are great in their own right & both have excellent features and individual songs. ‘Rap Beef’ is great for fans but should not be taken seriously as it really just showcases the talents of the respective artists.

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Tune Tuesday.

Today’s entry is from English singer Jess Glynne called “I’ll be there”. The song was released earlier this month and is the lead single from her unreleased new album.

I think the concept of the song is to let the person in question know how much she’ll be there for them. In the song Jess sings about all the times the person may be weak or alone or in pain & each time she will always be there for them. She frequently sings “You’ll never be alone, I’ll be there for you” reiterating the point that the person can lean on her. I like that even though it could be considered a “sad song”, the tempo uplifts the beat which could be a representation of what she is saying she will do for that person.

Have a listen below.

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New Music Friday

Pusha T has finally released his newly anticipated album ‘Daytona’. This particular song features Kanye West and is called “What would Meek do”.

Despite all the controversy surrounding Kanye, he was able to deliver a very solid feature on the track addressing a number of issues. On one of the lines he raps “Everything Ye say cause a new debate”, Kanye touches on the fact he knows how controversial he is. One of the standout lines in the song will definitely have to be “If you ain’t drivin’ while Black, do they stop you?”. Subtle reference but that’s the reality of America at the moment. Regardless of Kanye’s “outlandish” behaviour, you cannot argue he has a talent when it comes to music.

Another controversial topic of this album is the album cover. It is rumoured to be Whitney Houston’s hotel bathroom that she stayed in before she tragically passed. The picture shows the chaos left behind with the drugs everywhere. It can be argued that Pusha T who is open about the fact he has made his millions by selling drugs is trying to highlight the juxtaposition of the effects of drugs. On one hand, someone is profiting and the other, some may not even survive.

Take a listen to the song below…

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Throwback Thursday (US Style)

The second Throwback Thursday extract is from US rapper Trina featuring Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland. The song is called “Here We Go” and is about a woman confronting her cheating partner. It is quite interesting to hear the dynamics of the song as Trina provides an angry and loud element to the song as she is mad about the situation however Kelly’s soft voice provides an element of calmness. The dynamic can be compared to an actual argument between a woman and a man in this situation, the woman is angry and hyped while the man is calm and repetitive.

Take a watch below as the song is not on Spotify.

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Throwback Thursday (Afrobeats Special)

Today’s feature is from Nigerian legend D’Banj. The song is called “Fall In Love” and was released in 2008. The song is based on D’Banj telling a lady that she is the love of his life and she has made him a different person.

The first line always gets me; “Don’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing!” which is a warning before he proceeds to tell us how the woman he is directing the song at has changed his life. Personally this song is a great example of the way Nigerians compliment; “My sweet potato i wanna tel u my mind….Wanna tell u my mind o i no understand o”. Nigerians have a way of using dramatic metaphors that will have you smiling or certainly laughing! Before “Afrobeats” became popular and a mainstream market, D’Banj used to be the King of the genre. This song is definitely considered one of his classics.

Have a look below:


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Sunday Song.

Today’s song of the day is called Back to Life” by American rapper Russ.

The track contains the the theme of Russ resisting his haters and persevering through all obstacles and criticism. The song is very motivational and can be seen as an uplifting song to anyone feeling like they have a lot of people against them. It is filled with useful , positive phrases such as “To get through it I go through it. No losing, just learning”. Those are definitely words to live by.

Having recently discovered Russ , I feel he is quite unique in the sense his music has a habit of captivating you with a certain message. In the second verse he says “My rival is my reflection
When I pursue perfection…I’m using your negativity, Channeling my aggression”. The song is evidently filled with great quotes and the positivity really does resonate throughout the whole song.

Take a listen below

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New Music Friday

Tyga used to be infamous for his catchy club bangers but I’ll argue that hasn’t been the case for a while. However! It seems he has heard my prayers as he’s released a new song featuring Migos member Offset. The song is called “Taste”, produced by d.a. doman and is definitely one for the summer.

Tyga makes a comeback with some catchy punchlines such as ; “Why you claiming you rich? That’s a false claim” & “It’s all the same, like Mary-Kate”.

The “Taste” adlibs will have you singing this song for day!

Take a listen below!