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#TuneTuesday Blxst & Russ – A recipe for SUCCESS.

I could dedicate a whole blog to Blxst or even Russ. There aren’t many artists out there at the moment that I can say I have liked every single song they have put out. (UK group WSTRN would probably be next in the list). Seeing Blxst and Russ collab was everything I expected it to be. Both of them could easily drop a collab tape!!

Their song “Fck Boys” was released on Friday with Blxst’s 2 song project “Just For Clarity“. The song focuses on Russ and Blxst singing about a woman who has been burnt and hurt by a “Fck boy” in the past and is finding it hard to let other guys in. Both artists are perfect at serenading and singing about women.

My favourite line in the song would have to be from Russ when he sings “Girl, who the fuck is he to fuck you up for life?”. A word!!!!

Check out the 2 song project below:

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Music and Life Podcast – Episode 4’s Current Top Tracks!

Hello everyone, in the latest podcast episode I talked about 4 tracks that I’m loving at the moment.

Drake Ft. Rick Ross – Lemon Pepper Freestyle

As mentioned in the podcast, Drake and Rick Ross always have incredible duets! This verse is one of the reasons why Rozay is one of the best rappers we have. For me Rick Ross glided on this song so smoothly. There’s no way you won’t want to replay his verse again!

Yaw Tog Ft. Stormzy & Kwesi Arthur – Sore Remix

Ghanaian artist Yaw Tog’s hit song has been in circulation since last year and this remix is even better. He recruits Kwesi Arthur and UK rapper of Ghanaian heritage Stormzy. It’s a great collaboration and will be the perfect song for the summer!

Big Sean Ft. Nipsey Hussle – Deep Reverence

Big Sean has been on fire recently. The deep meaning and passion that is portrayed through his music as of late has been amazing. This song features no other than the late great Nipsey Hussle. A great song with wonderful meaning. I love the video too!

Jessica Akin – Roots

I came across this song recently and what a pleasure! I really love the tone of Jessica’s voice! The song is a wonderful ode to culture and heritage. I hope this is the beginning of more music from here and potentially a project too.

Check out episode 4 of the Music and Life Podcast which is out now below.

Music and Life Podcast Playlist:

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#TuneTuesday – R.I.P. Biggie

24 years ago on March 9th 1997 we lost one of the greatest rappers, The Notorious B.I.G. I have always mentioned that Biggie will always be one of my favourite rappers of all time! His flow, delivery and energy is still unforgettable. To have music still affect, inspire and entertain people so long after your death is a real privilege. If you were to ask someone what their favourite Biggie song was, I’m sure they will struggle to narrow it down to only 1!! It’s hard to imagine how much further he could have gone if he was given much more time on this earth!

I haven’t checked out the Biggie documentary that is currently out on Netflix but I will give it a try! This week’s #TuneTuesday is one of the many Biggie hits, “Sky’s the Limit” featuring 112. The song is a great song to describe Biggie. Each verse on the song describes and portrays different parts of Biggie’s life. The intro of the track also contains a clip of Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace.

R.I.P. Biggie!

In other news, March 9th is also Bow Wow’s birthday! Bow Wow was my childhood crush and I am still a huge fan of his previous music! If you haven’t, check out my earlier appreciation post on him:

Happy Birthday Bow Wow!!!
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Music & Life Podcast – Episode 4 – “Apple Of My Eye”

Hello everyone!!! I’m finally back with another episode!!! In this week’s episode, I talk about my love for Rick Ross, new music I’ve been listening to and why I believe music nowadays doesn’t really have replay value. I hope you enjoy this episode! Links will be below:

Spotify Podcasts:

Apple Podcasts:

Google Podcasts:

The title of the episode is inspired by this Rick Ross song below:

Feel free to also check out my previous album review below for Rick Ross last album release for ‘Port of Miami 2’, released in 2019.

Another article where I discussed his talent:

Free Mason