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Music and Life Podcast Album Review – Rod Wave – ‘SoulFly’ Album. (Spotify Exclusive)

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well and continuing to keep safe and healthy! I just wanted to make everyone aware that I have released an album review episode of the Music and Life Podcast. The album review is on US artist Rod Wave and his latest album “SoulFly”. The episode is exclusive to Spotify as it features some tracks from the album!

I really enjoyed listening and taking in this album. As mentioned on the episode, I talk about how Rod Wave is great at demonstrating his pain through his music. The album was emotional and raw but highlighted the beauty of expression in music.

Have a listen and let me know what you think! The episode is out now!

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Music Podcasts to listen to courtesy of Man V Music

Hey everyone! Just wanted to direct you to a great post recommending some great music podcasts to listen to!

The Music and Life Podcast is featured among a few others! Thank you all for the conintued support and new episodes will be dropping soon!

Check out the article below and feel free to check out the rest of his page! He has so many great in depth and thought-provoking posts!

podcasts you should listen to …