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#TuneTuesdays – Some Pick Me Ups – Gospel Themed!

Hello everyone! Apologies for the limited posts recently! As I’ve mentioned before January is the slowest in terms of music! I’ve really been struggling finding new music to enjoy!! I know it’s the start of a new year and a fresh start for many but this week’s tune is dedicated to all of you that may be struggling.

I’ve always maintained that Music is life because there are songs to always explain or comfort how you’re feeling. Bad days, weeks and even months are always guaranteed life. Another thing however that is guaranteed is that over time, things get better. Sometimes it’s hard to see the sun when you’re stuck in the clouds but you have to have faith the sun will shine.

Here are some songs that may help.

Koryn Hawthorne – Won’t He Do It

Kirk Franklin – 123 Victory

Kirk Franklin – Revolution

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U Saved Me

This song is so spiritual. Despite my personal feelings on R Kelly and his integrity, I will admit he makes beautiful music.

This song is based on Faith and God. In the song he describes a number of life changing events and how God showed him mercy through every situation. There comes many moments in life where God saves us and we are reminded of his grace. One could argue everyday we are saved.

This song just reiterates all of those points.

Favourite Lines; “I stopped believing in his word & got so mad at him. When somebody say God’s good I just laugh at them. & in the nick of time his blessing rained on me. By his grace the phone ring a lady says were hiring & that’s when I knew”.

Never underestimate the power of God. However, we are all human and sometimes need reminding.