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September Song (Don Corleon)

OK so this song is pretty big and popular at the moment. However I was shopping in Zara one day and stumbled upon this version. It’s the Don Corleon remix featuring Seyi Shayi. Her voice is beautiful and fits the song so well.

My favourite line “Memories don’t live like people do, baby I will always remember you. Everytime the dj play that tune I wanna make it to September real soon”. This sums up how I feel about music. Everyone I hear a song I am reminded of a memory.

Definitely a song to be playing in the summer as this remix has a very nice vibe to it.

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The only Reason…

JP Cooper is someone I have only discovered recently but I am a fan of his music. This particular song has beautiful words. You can’t help but feel warm inside when you hear it playing.

In particular the lines “The only reason God gave me eyes was to see you…the only reason God gave me ears was to hear your voice”. Such beautiful words to hear which match his sensual voice. I will definitely be looking forward to more music from him.