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Hold On

As a Nigerian…there are certain Nigerian artists that I will classify as modern day legends in the game. I would say Iyanya without a doubt, definitely is!! He can sing, dance and he makes good music. I feel a sense of “home” when I hear him sing in his broken Pidgin English. This soft tempo song is produced by ‘Don Jazzy’ who is another legend in the Nigerian scene (producer wise).

“Take your time you know….love be like russian roulette you know…I know say your time dey go…..But that no mean say romance be true love”. The song is about waiting for true love. You get the impression Iyanya is talking to a woman telling her to take time. I feel this song is so relevant in the African community because stereotypically we are brought up believing we have a clock. This is more prominent with African women so it is a bit comforting to hear this from a man.

This particular song has a very interesting accompanying video. A line that sticks out to me; “Wetin be your own be your own, if no be your own leave am alone” < he’s basically saying to the woman, if the man has a woman already..leave him alone. This line slyly contradicts the previous statements. Why should the woman leave him alone? Shouldn’t the man be the one to control himself seeing as he’s the one in the relationship?


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