Tune Tuesday

This week’s Tuesday tune is by Poo Bear featuring Jay Electronica & Justin Bieber called “Hard 2 Face Reality”. Lyrics such as “Sometimes it’s hard to face reality” relate to everyone. The song is based on the fact it’s hard to stay in touch with their loves while they’re busy being celebs and musicians. The song can also relate to everyone else by dealing with so much while life gets in the way. Sometimes it’s hard to just accept people are busy and not everyone can find time. I like the contrast of all three voices. Poo Bear & Justin’s soft voices blend and the rawness and Jay Electronica compliment the message of the song. My favourite lines; “The bigger picture and the smaller picture are exactly the same, it’s macro, micro”. This is a good way to think of life, sometimes what you are looking for is always there in front of you, you just gotta adjust the way you look at a situation or approach it.

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