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New Music Friday.

I love Fridays!!!! Guaranteed new music. The next few months are proving to be very exciting in terms of future releases. Today’s feature is from US rapper J Cole’s new album ‘KOD’. The song is called ‘1985 (Intro to the Fall Off)’ & is the last song on the album.

1985 represents the year J Cole was born and it’s evident the song is a reflection on his life. The song is more like an open letter to new rappers. Cole uses the song to pass on useful advice to the newer generation; “I got some good advice, never quit tourin’, Cause that’s the way we eat here in this rap game”. An interesting line said is when he raps “They wanna be black and think your song is how it feels”. Hip-Hop has become one of the biggest genres in the world and especially America. However there was a time Hip-Hop was considered a negative format of music. It can be argued that now it is considered “stylish”, some demographics that were against it are now the people using the songs as a form of escaping reality.


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