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Throwback Thursday (Afrobeats Special)

Today’s feature is from Nigerian legend D’Banj. The song is called “Fall In Love” and was released in 2008. The song is based on D’Banj telling a lady that she is the love of his life and she has made him a different person.

The first line always gets me; “Don’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing!” which is a warning before he proceeds to tell us how the woman he is directing the song at has changed his life. Personally this song is a great example of the way Nigerians compliment; “My sweet potato i wanna tel u my mind….Wanna tell u my mind o i no understand o”. Nigerians have a way of using dramatic metaphors that will have you smiling or certainly laughing! Before “Afrobeats” became popular and a mainstream market, D’Banj used to be the King of the genre. This song is definitely considered one of his classics.

Have a look below:



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