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New Music (Part 2)

Kanye West – ye

Another new release in the past few days is Kanye West’s eighth studio album. Kanye has been very controversial recently due to his comments on many important and sensitive matters. His wild antics aside, this album can be argued to be the Kanye we all know and love. The album is definitely very personal with references to real life events and real life situations happening at the moment. The album had many features and as usual, the production on the album is great and compliment all the songs.

My favourite song would have to be the song “Wouldn’t Leave“. This song displays the sensitive side of Kanye with vocals from PARTYNEXTDOOR. The song gives a shout out at the end to women and all the women who have to deal with their men’s choices. Ye even references his controversial outburst to Sway as well as his “Slavery” comment; “They say, “Build your own”—I said, “How, Sway?”. I said, “Slavery a choice”—they said, “How, ‘Ye”. Kanye further on states that he is capable of doing far controversial things.

The album is a mixture. Some emotional songs mixed with some usual Kanye club hits. The common thing on all songs is the great production. Overall, it is a good album and it’s great for us to listen to Kanye’s music rather than his rants.

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