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Sunday Song.

Apologies for the delay in content, I will get back to posting more regularly.

Today’s Sunday Song is a song I’ve been playing all weekend! The song by Theophilus London featuring UK legend Giggs is called “Bebey”.

It’s clear that not only is Giggs a legend when rapping on his own songs but he clearly is just as great on a feature. Giggs is one of those feature artists that adds a different unique spice to a song that you never even realised was missing. Hearing the song, you would not think a Giggs verse would work to be completely honest. However the versatile beat and Giggs’ clever punchlines are a match made in heaven. Needless to say the song and Giggs will have you singing “I just pulled up just down the road, dropped off the princess”, among his other memorable lines.

One of the most beautiful things about music is that it can blend together two different kinds of sounds and make a wonderful collaboration. This song is a prime example of that.

Have a listen below:


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