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Songs to start your week;

So much music has been released this past weekend. Before I review some of them in more detail, here are three tracks I currently have on repeat.

1. Asco – Goin On Ft. H the Great:

British rapper Asco has just released his new EP and it’s filled with features and proof that the UK rap scene is so unique and versatile. This particular song contains a catchy hook and quick punchlines that will have you singing along without even realising.

2. T.I. – Jefe Ft. Meek Mill:

T.I. is back with a new album which on the first listen sounds quite good. This particular song features Meek Mill who as usual provides us with a upbeat song. The use of Spanish in the song is also great and the mix is perfect. I particularly like the sound of instruments in this song (sounds like trumpets).

3. Tauro Boys – Tempo:

Italian band Tauro Boys are back with another EP called TauroTape2. This particular song is one of my favourites so far of the tape. “Tempo” provides a nice chilled Italian vibe. I believe this band have a big future ahead of them. Take a listen below;


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