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One Acen – SexyOddRose EP Review

OK so UK rapper One Acen has released his highly anticipated debut EP. Up to now, he’s been gaining more and more recognition for his catchy singles and classic collaborations with fellow UK rapper Hardy Caprio. One thing I’ve noticed about One Acen is that all of his songs have the replay factor. Every song on this EP could do well as an individual single and that is amazing for any artist let alone a debut EP!

My favourite tracks are:

1. NewwMachine Ft. CallMeTheKidd & Avelino:

Avelino is one of my favourite UK Rappers. Similarly to Wretch 32, he’s one of the few UK rappers that makes you think about what they say. In his verse he says things like “The money’s Dublin, I’m Irish… Take a tour de France we’re not cyclists”, The wordplay he exhibits is so fun to hear. The collaboration on this track is great and it is definitely a song I will be replaying.

2. Piña Colada Xperience/ 3. EIO Ft. Hardy Caprio

OK! These songs are special because firstly both are hits but secondly the transition between them. The transition after “Piña Colada” leading into “EIO” is genius! The sound reminds me of an old console game back in the day. The transition is so smooth that you forget they are two different songs. Nice to mention that “Piña Colada” contains references from Justin Timberlakes hit “Señorita” which probably explains the Spanish theme.

Have a listen to the EP below!


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