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Weekly Roundup!

Hey everyone! This post is just basically a weekly roundup of 3 songs I’ve loved so far this week. Have a read and listen.

1. Teyana Taylor – Gonna Love Me ( Wu- Tang) Remix.

This remix features Wu Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Raekwon. Listening to this song will have you reminiscing straight back to the 90s. The song, already released with Teyana’s ‘K.T.S.E.’ album was already one of my favourite songs of the record but this remix emphasises it even more. The already sensual, R&B feel from the song now partnered with the nostalgic rapping from the Wu Tang clang makes this song a hit!! Method Man for me has the best verse! His line “I get a Spanish chick, I make her arroz con pollo” reminds me of a line in Jay Z’s “Girls, girls, girls” song. I’m really rooting for Teyana as she is very talented and she seems to be committed to bringing back that old school r&b sound.

2. Ariana Grande – imagine

Not alot needs to be said for this track simply because it does enough talking. Ariana has one of the most amazing voices. After the hit “thank u, next”, Ariana goes for the more sensitive sound which could be argued to be the opposite of her previous song. The song gives off the vibes that she is singing about an unatainable love she wishes for which is quite sad. Have a listen below

3. Kid Ink Ft Lil Wayne & Saweetie – YUSO

Haven’t heard from Kid Ink in a while! He’s dropped a brand new album and this song is being released as a new single. The song features one of the greats Lil Wayne & female rapper Saweetie. What’s amazing about this song is that Saweetie’s verse is more sexual than Lil Wayne & Kid Ink’s. I found myself replaying her verse rather than the others. I think she still has alot more work to do in terms of perfecting her signature but this is definitely the right way forward. Her flow in this track is encouraging and I am a Saweetie fan.


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