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Podcast Picks!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well! Today’s post is a little something different from the usual. I’m the first to express how music makes me feel and I know that there are so many kinds of music to explain every single kind of emotion. However, even I sometimes need a break from music. Sometimes you may not want to listen to songs but still need something on in the background. Sometimes you may want to listen to something engaging or even something to make you laugh or learn from. For me, the go to for this would be Podcasts. I’ve been listening to podcasts for over 4 years and recently, theres been an even bigger market for them. Spotify even has its own podcast section dedicated to all the old and new podcasts out there. Below, I will list some Spotify podcasts that I feel are useful and I personally love. Some of the podcasts are also available elsewhere if you do not have Spotify, I will put the links of the podcasts if you need to find out more information.

With the likelihood of another nationwide lockdown pending, podcasts may be able to provide people with some fun, banter, valuable information or even support. Here are some of my top Podcasts I recommend at the moment. There should be a podcast here for everyone!

The Receipts Podcast

Country of Origin: London, UK

Podcasters: Audrey, Tolly T and Milena Sanchez

Topics: Dilemmas, Relationships, Friendship & Current Events

Frequency of Episodes: Every Wednesdays


This was the first Podcast I listened to all those years ago. The Podcast was originally released on Soundcloud before growing in popularity and snapping up an exclusive deal with Spotify. The show is hosted by 3 women who focus on dilemmas written in from listeners, everyday events and pretty much everything you can think of. There are no limits on this Podcast and is definitely one of my favourites.

I Dunno TBH

Country of Origin: London, UK

Podcasters: Michelle and Veronica

Topics: Current Events, Science, Mental Health & Black Excellence

Frequency of Episodes: Fornightly


A new Podcast by these two vibrant women! As a new podcast it’s crazy how much the duo have covered already! A great podcast for those that want to hear whats going on in the world and love a bit of banter, passion while covering important topics! Also, to add the title of this podcast couldn’t be any more relevant to represent 2020 as a whole. Who really knows what they are doing or what is even going on!!?

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Country of Origin: USA

Podcaster: Our forever First Lady Michelle Obama!

Topics: Politics, Family, History & Love

Frequency of Episodes: Weekly


Michelle Obama is one of those people (like her husband) that you could listen to all day. She has a gift at storytelling and it was such a joy when I heard she was going to be releasing podcast episodes! The show even features a wonderful conversation with President Obama as well as Michelle’s family members and friends. It’s so inspiring to hear her thoughts and opinions on so many things. Definitely a podcast you will finish feeling inspired.

3 At The Back

Country of Origin: Ireland

Podcasters: Deji, Jordan, Joe

Topics: Sports, Music, Culture & Entertainment

Frequency of Episodes: Weekly but currently on a break.


This was the first podcast with guys that I listened to and really enjoyed! Irish accents are a weakness for me however I do genuinely love the content! The podcast touches on so many topics especially in the past few months with the Black Lives Matter Movement. In fact, their 3rd June Episode titled ‘Enough is Enough” may have been one of the best podcast episodes I have heard. I have never really heard experiences from Nigerian-Irish men and so it was so informative hearing their opinions on what was happening. The guys are not afraid to speak their mind and express their thoughts which is so refreshing for a bunch of guys. The podcast will be loved by men and women! They took a short break recently but should be back with more episodes soon hopefully!

Fake Friendz

Country of Origin: USA

Podcasters: Sola T & Kierra Rose

Topics: Friendship, Life Lessons, Culture, Mental Health, Black Women Excellence

Frequency of Episodes: Weekly (Although Season 2 hasn’t started yet)


I LOVE this podcast! Firstly, can we talk about both their accents? Whew! They can spend the podcast reading the dictionary and I probably still listen just to hear the voices! As someone that lives in London, I think it’s so important to hear perspectives from people all over the world! Sola and Kierra and both long time friends so it’s even more soothing hearing the podcast episodes as you can genuinely hear the chemistry and partnership. Both ladies really do express themselves and expose themselves emotionally which I think is really comforting to hear. It’s nice sometimes when you hear someone explaining or talking about things that you may have difficulty dealing or opening up with. Definitely check this out!

Informative Podcasts:

Pennies To Pounds Podcast

Country of Origin: London, UK

Podcaster: Kae

Topics: Money, Financial Literacy and Management, Budgeting,

Frequency of Episodes: Weekly


This is my favourite money management podcast! I have been following for a while now and I learn so many money tips and lessons that are so important. The Instagram page is amazing and is constantly updating with all the relevant information. The podcast episodes are short but clear and concise. This is definitely a very useful and essential podcast during this current unsure climate.

The Last 3 Digits

Country of Origin: London, UK

Podcasters: Bola Sol, Nego True & DISUNOMICS

Topics: Money, Culture, Relevant UK News

Frequency of Episodes: Every Thursday


This is a great and informative podcast on all things money and UK news. Sometimes the news is so misleading and overwhelming but this podcast is perfect at summarising current events and simplifying it for us. They also talk about finance and provide so many useful gems!

A Breath of Fresh Dating

Country of Origin: London, UK

Podcaster: Mandy Mee

Topics: Love, Sex, Relationships and Online Dating

Frequency of Episodes: Weekly


This is a podcast for anyone wanting to listen to information on any of those topics. Mandy frequently has guests who are experts in their respective fields answering many common myths and questions on the specific topics. Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, you will definitely find some information relevant to you.


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