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#MusicMondays – Abra Cadabra Ft. Krept & Konan – Seen It All

Happy Monday everyone!! Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Today’s Music Monday entry is one of my favourite songs from UK rapper Abra Cadabra’s newly released mixtape! The mixtape is called “Product of my Environment” and the project contains so many gems, however the song ‘Seen It All‘ which also features Krept and Konan has been on repeat since the release for me.

Krept and Konan and Abra have already showed us that they have excellent musical chemistry with their hit songs ‘Robbery Remix’ and ‘I Spy Remix’. For me all artists do amazingly well on this song but personally Konan was really the main star! His switch up with his flow amazed me on this song!

Konan starts off with his usual greaze rapping signature style then oozes into a melodic sound that suits him perfectly. His lyrics also stood out to me: “How can I tell these kids put the knife down when akh came with a Rambo“. True words!! A ‘do what I say, not what I do’ situation

I feel this song really demonstrates how legendary Krept and Konan really are. Considering their length in the UK music/rap scene, the fact they can feature on tracks with newer artists and still have the same consistent energy and talent is credit to them!

Check out the song below:


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