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Revisiting Time: Chance The Rapper: Coloring Book (Mixtape) – #throwbackthursday

Okay! It’s been over 3 whole years (13 May 2016) since Chance The Rapper dropped his mixtape ‘Coloring Book’ and I figured I would do a post talking about that EP in honor of #ThrowbackThursday. Here are some songs from the tape that I still love and play today.

Chance the Rapper – All We Got Ft. Chicago Children’s Choir & Kanye West

Intro tracks are so important because it is the artist’s chance to showcase a preview of what is to come. Chance even states “Hey, this ain’t no intro, this the entree“. This intro did exactly that. The fact Chance features with one of his musical heroes and use of the choir and the instruments that were used in this song are a reflection of how much work Chance puts into his music and production. The theme “Music is all we got” sits well with me as I believe it is a strong and quite realistic truth.

Chance the Rapper – No Problem Ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz

You don’t want zero problems, big fella“! Love the intro to this song. This song is dedicated to the record labels that all rejected Chance. One of my favourite lines from the song is when Chance says “Milly rockin’, scoopin’ all the blessings out my lap” as he is now the one that is winning and has the last laugh. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne fit the song so well too and yet again the production on this song is unique. The background vocals sound like a choir .

Chance the Rapper – Blessings Ft. Jamila Woods

I absolutely love this song. There’s something about Chance singing and singing with a stripped back vibe that is beautiful. Not to mention, the song is very religious as Chance sings about the glory of God. The song seems personal as Chance raves about how since giving his life to the Lord, he has received nothing but blessings and success. Jamila sings “I’m gon’ praise Him, praise Him till I’m gone, when the praises go up, (Good God) the blessings come down“.

Chance the Rapper – Same Drugs

This song is quite relatable for many people. Despite the title, the song has no affiliation or relation to drugs. The song is based on the concept that Chance and the woman in question no longer have the same interests anymore. Chance uses the analogy of Peter Pan in this song to describe the situation; “When did you change? Wendy, you’ve aged…I thought you’d never grow up“. The idea that like in Peter Pan, Wendy got on with life and changed/grew up. The song basically focuses on the reality that that with some people, you both move on and take different paths and it is just a part of life. I like that Chance mostly sings in this song as I genuinely believe his singing voice is so unique.

Chance the Rapper – Juke Jam Ft. Justin Bieber & Towkio

This is one of my favourite songs ever from Chance. The flow, the feeling I get listening to this song is unmatched. The song is basically Chance reminiscing about the past and a relationship. Apparently “Juking” is a Chicago term for a form a dance similar to grinding. Justin Bieber’s feature on this song was sensual too, his voice when he sings “We got so much history baby” was perfect for the theme of the song. The song is the type of song you could have on in the background and vibe to as it feels very chilled and laid back.

Chance the Rapper – How Great Ft. Jay Electronica & Nicole Steen

Not much to say on this song but Chance follows the religious theme and delivers this beautiful worship song featuring his very own cousin Nicole. The song gave me chills when I first heard it and the feeling has not gone away. Please have a listen and prepare to be inspired.

Chance the Rapper – Smoke Break Ft. Future

Another one of my favourites from the tape. I like the sound from Future on this song and the way they both compliment eachother. The song is Chance saying how much more free time him and his girlfriend need to make for eachother since the arrival of their baby. One of the most memorable lines is when he sings “We way too young to get old“, words to live by! Future’s verse sounds very shady but one of my favourite lines has to be “Please don’t get lost in the sauce, please don’t get lost in the sauce“. Typical Future lyrics!!!! The production on this song is amazing too!

Chance the Rapper – Finish Line/ Drown Ft. Noname, Eryn Allen Kane, T-Pain & Kirk Franklin

This is the longest song on the tape but is split into two. Part 1; Finish Line is based on the success and blessings Chance has received as he sings; “But who would think the raps would turn into racks? don’t matter, matter fact, it could happen to you”. Chance tries to show that his blessings can happen to anyone with faith. The flow switches up in the second verse where he speeds up while still maintaining his joy at his blessings. all demonstrating his versatility. Part 2; Drown is where Noname talks about how God has been there for her despite the fact she is going through a tough and horrible time. The common phrase repeated in this part of the song is “The water may be deeper than it’s ever been. Never drown“. This is the idea that no matter how hard life gets, never give up and always have faith because God is real and he is all powerful. He will always find a way to get you out the water.

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Hey everyone! Finally the end of the week which means new music has arrived! I’ve compiled a list of 5 songs recently released that I am loving! Have a listen below;

2 Chainz Ft. Lil Wayne & E-40 – 2 Dollar Bill

Lil Wayne has been on point with his features recently! This song, with West Coast vibes, is taken from 2 Chainz’ new album ‘Rap or Go to the League’ and is produced by DJ Mustard (so you know the beat is gonna be sick!). In the song the men compare themselves to a “2 Dollar Bill” which happens to be one of the rarest dollar bills in America. For me, Lil Wayne’s feature was the best on this song. There is a part in Wayne’s verse; ” I’m rare, like a commercial with Future and Cher, like a cop that’s fair, like a triple-double dare”, where the flow switches and you really see Lil Wayne’s talent. I like how all artists had great examples of things that were rare, some comical while some sensitive. Have a listen below:

Ms Banks Ft. Kida Kudz – Snack

UK rapper Ms Banks has been on a roll recently, having recently performed at the Brit Awards with Little Mix and now releasing a new banger. The song which uses a sample from Nigerian superstar Wizkid’s hit song “Don’t Dull” (2010) is a summer hit. The song which features Nigerian Afrobeat singer Kida Kudz is the first single released from her upcoming project ‘Coldest Winter Ever Pt.2’. I like the confidence Ms Banks exhibits in this song, I think this is a song that many women will be singing. The video is bright and bubbly too and gives me Nicki Minaj ‘Barbie Dreams’ vibes. I’m ready for this new and improved Ms Banks, it seems like she is ready to take over the female UK rap scene! Have a listen and watch below.

Mercston Ft Wretch 32 – No Banter

I previously uploaded the video to this on my Instagram page ( I love this song and the visuals! Wretch 32 was giving me Bob Marley vibes with his new look and sound and the two of them played off each-other so well with their playful lyrics. The chorus is possibly one of the most catchy hooks I’ve heard this year and I’m sure you will be singing “I feel a way” randomly throughout the day like I have been! The video reflects the fun vibe the song gives with the men having fun in the snow. I think this song will be played everywhere in the summer. Have a listen and watch the video below

2 Chainz Ft. Ariana Grande – Rule the World

Looking at this collaboration on paper, it’s hard to guess what this would sound like but you will be pleasantly surprised as their voices complimented each other throughout. The song also taken from 2 Chainz new album ‘Rap or Go to the League’ uses a sample from Amerie’s 2002 song “Why Don’t We Fall In Love”. Ariana sings the chorus “Top down on the Dawn like I’m used to it (Yeah), prayin’ you make it home like I’m used to it” with her unique soft but sensual voice. The song is produced by Hitmaka (or Yung Berg as I think of him as) and the beat compliments the fusion of both aritists. The song is one of those songs you can vibe to and feel good about. Check out below;

Here is the Amerie song that it was influenced by:

Giggs Ft. Wretch 32 Gwop Expenses

The Landlord Giggs arrives again with his new album ‘Big Bad’ which was released last week Friday. This is my favourite song from the track which features Wretch 32. Wretch has a memorable verse on this song and his witty wordplay does not go unnoticed. My favourite lines; ”
I got Jaden in my will, uncle, how you feel?, Call me Fresh Prince, I bring Bel-Air up to your grill”…who does metaphors as good as Wretch?! With all these features that Wretch has been killing recently, I really hope this is a sign for us to look forward to a new Wretch project hopefully coming soon. Check out the song below:

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Lil Wayne – ‘Tha Carter V’ Review

Lil Wayne finally dropped his highly anticipated twelfth studio album last week. Lil Wayne is one of the two scenes legends and it’s wonder to here him get back to doing what he does best. It’s taken me a few days to digest the music and there has been a lot of mixed reactions. Personally I liked the album, the music scene has missed Wayne and his metaphors and this album for me was a good piece of work. I am going to talk about my favourite songs on the album below and digest some of his infamous lyrics.

Track 1 – I love you Dwayne – This first track is a heartfelt spoken word from Wayne’s mum. She speaks about her love for her son and how proud she is of him. I believe that this track was necessary for the beginning of his album. This indicates a new direction in Wayne’s life where family is what matters most to him. It also shows a vulnerable side to him that I belive is a key reason why this tape is alot more deep, as it is very personal and honest.

Track 4 – Uproar Ft. Swizz Beatz – This is the latest song that has started a new dance challenge and you can see why! Swizz Beatz has the ability to change a whole song with his signature sounds and he certainly did. My favourite line is the simple “Where the love go? Five, four, three, two, I let one go”, the song is a feel good song. However let it not be overlooked, Wayne is warning his enemies and haters that he is ready for battle! Check out some of the dance challenges online and even 1 from the main man himself!

Track 6 – Dark side of the Moon Ft. Nicki Minaj –

Wow!! This is one of my favourite Lil Wayne and Nicki songs and my favourite song on the album. Nicki really surprised me with her vocals and her voice with Wayne make some perfect harmonies. Again, you get a glimpse of Wayne’s vulnerable side and Nicki’s compassion with lyrics such as “The sky is falling down, I am falling for her quicker” and “High above the ground but I’m under her charisma”. These lyrics are classic Lil Wayne metaphors and I like the juxtaposition in his words. Another beautiful thing about this song is the way the beat compliments the words and the harmonies. I have personally been replaying this song since the release and I’m sure it will be a fan favourite for both fan bases.

Track 7 – Mona Lisa Ft Kendrick Lamar

This is probably one of the best songs on the album. The storytelling talents of Kendrick and Wayne are amazing. The song is based on a woman who sets her boyfriend to get robbed and the way the story is told is very creative. Just as you get used to Wayne and his storytelling, Kendrick comes in with his equally powerful verse! The two of these rappers together is a match made in lyrical heaven. The beat and tone change in Kendrick’s verse is genius! The whole song grips you and you feel the point of views from the characters they are talking about.

Track 9 – Open Letter

This song is pretty personal where Wayne speaks to his family and friends about his fears about life. He opens up about his depression and low points. The song fits with the personal theme/touch of the whole album.

Track 10 – Famous Ft Reginae Carter

Another family affair as this song features his first daughter Reginae. Reginae sings the chorus so well and the song contains typical Wayne lyrics such as “Can’t talk to myself, ’cause mama said don’t talk to strangers” and “And you can’t spell fame, without me” which stick out throughout the song. The song touches on the highs and lows of Wayne’s rise to fame and how it has affected his lifestyle. It’s great to see Wayne collaborating with his daughter and I hope this is the first of many more.

Track 23 – Let it all Work Out

The outro track of the album finishes of where the intro began. Wayne talks about the frustration he felt waiting to drop this album; “I’m in this bitch, Yeah, was on the outside, looking in this bitch” but also reassures us that he is back and here to stay; “I’mma sit in this throne so long, ‘Till it’s a fucking rocking chair, nigga”. I like the fact that despite all the trials and tribulations Wayne had to endure he still shows us that he prevailed and made it through. The ending lines “Let it all work out” (yeah)” resonates and makes you think about life as a whole.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this album, rap may have changed but Lil Wayne is still consistent in terms of his content. I like the personal touch to the album as I belive it makes it more authentic and more effortless. It was a long wait for this album but I’m definitely satisfied!

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Mr Carter

Ayyyyyyy. This song cements the two Carters of the rap industry. I feel this song provides us with a raw version of Wayne. I have a few favourite lines; “Winter hatin’ on me ’cause I’m colder than y’all
And I will never, I will never, I will never Fall”. You can’t recite those lyrics without feeling it in your soul!!

I also believe a line that Wayne says “And next time you mention Pac, Biggie, or Jay-Z, Don’t forget Weezy, baby!”. There was a time Lil Wayne was seen as one of the best. I don’t know though…I don’t know if I can put him on the same steps the other greats. 🤔🤔