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Lil Wayne – ‘Tha Carter V’ Review

Lil Wayne finally dropped his highly anticipated twelfth studio album last week. Lil Wayne is one of the two scenes legends and it’s wonder to here him get back to doing what he does best. It’s taken me a few days to digest the music and there has been a lot of mixed reactions. Personally I liked the album, the music scene has missed Wayne and his metaphors and this album for me was a good piece of work. I am going to talk about my favourite songs on the album below and digest some of his infamous lyrics.

Track 1 – I love you Dwayne – This first track is a heartfelt spoken word from Wayne’s mum. She speaks about her love for her son and how proud she is of him. I believe that this track was necessary for the beginning of his album. This indicates a new direction in Wayne’s life where family is what matters most to him. It also shows a vulnerable side to him that I belive is a key reason why this tape is alot more deep, as it is very personal and honest.

Track 4 – Uproar Ft. Swizz Beatz – This is the latest song that has started a new dance challenge and you can see why! Swizz Beatz has the ability to change a whole song with his signature sounds and he certainly did. My favourite line is the simple “Where the love go? Five, four, three, two, I let one go”, the song is a feel good song. However let it not be overlooked, Wayne is warning his enemies and haters that he is ready for battle! Check out some of the dance challenges online and even 1 from the main man himself!

Track 6 – Dark side of the Moon Ft. Nicki Minaj –

Wow!! This is one of my favourite Lil Wayne and Nicki songs and my favourite song on the album. Nicki really surprised me with her vocals and her voice with Wayne make some perfect harmonies. Again, you get a glimpse of Wayne’s vulnerable side and Nicki’s compassion with lyrics such as “The sky is falling down, I am falling for her quicker” and “High above the ground but I’m under her charisma”. These lyrics are classic Lil Wayne metaphors and I like the juxtaposition in his words. Another beautiful thing about this song is the way the beat compliments the words and the harmonies. I have personally been replaying this song since the release and I’m sure it will be a fan favourite for both fan bases.

Track 7 – Mona Lisa Ft Kendrick Lamar

This is probably one of the best songs on the album. The storytelling talents of Kendrick and Wayne are amazing. The song is based on a woman who sets her boyfriend to get robbed and the way the story is told is very creative. Just as you get used to Wayne and his storytelling, Kendrick comes in with his equally powerful verse! The two of these rappers together is a match made in lyrical heaven. The beat and tone change in Kendrick’s verse is genius! The whole song grips you and you feel the point of views from the characters they are talking about.

Track 9 – Open Letter

This song is pretty personal where Wayne speaks to his family and friends about his fears about life. He opens up about his depression and low points. The song fits with the personal theme/touch of the whole album.

Track 10 – Famous Ft Reginae Carter

Another family affair as this song features his first daughter Reginae. Reginae sings the chorus so well and the song contains typical Wayne lyrics such as “Can’t talk to myself, ’cause mama said don’t talk to strangers” and “And you can’t spell fame, without me” which stick out throughout the song. The song touches on the highs and lows of Wayne’s rise to fame and how it has affected his lifestyle. It’s great to see Wayne collaborating with his daughter and I hope this is the first of many more.

Track 23 – Let it all Work Out

The outro track of the album finishes of where the intro began. Wayne talks about the frustration he felt waiting to drop this album; “I’m in this bitch, Yeah, was on the outside, looking in this bitch” but also reassures us that he is back and here to stay; “I’mma sit in this throne so long, ‘Till it’s a fucking rocking chair, nigga”. I like the fact that despite all the trials and tribulations Wayne had to endure he still shows us that he prevailed and made it through. The ending lines “Let it all work out” (yeah)” resonates and makes you think about life as a whole.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this album, rap may have changed but Lil Wayne is still consistent in terms of his content. I like the personal touch to the album as I belive it makes it more authentic and more effortless. It was a long wait for this album but I’m definitely satisfied!


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