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New Music: What I’ve been listening to…

Hey everyone! Time for me to review all the new music I’ve been listening to!

Mo Stack – Wild

UK rapper Mo Stack is back with the first single from his upcoming debut album. The song uses the sample from Cam’ron & Juelz Santana’s song ‘Hey Ma’. That song even takes the sample from the absolute original song ‘Easy’ released by The Commodores. Mo Stack has a fun visual to accompany the song and I’m pretty sure this is going to be a future summer hit. Mo Stack also successfully adds his own spin to the song which is great as when using a sample, it’s very easy to be lazy with originality. Have a watch of the video below as well as the Cam’ron favourite.

DJ Big N Ft Mr Eazi – Jowo

It’s nice to hear some new Afrobeats and this collaboration sounds fresh! Mavins Group DJ, DJ Big N enlists Afrobeats singer Mr Eazi and producer Dil. I’ve been singing “Oya baby oohh jowo” since I first heard the song. Have a listen below;

Logic Ft Eminem – Homicide

Ok so I am a big fan of Logic and of course Eminem.! It’s funny because I was just reading an interview where Logic was talking about his love for his idol Eminem. It’s great when an artists features with their idol. Logic absolutely delivered on this track and Eminem of course went hard. The song showcases both artists’ ability to rap extremely fast. The best part of the song comes at the end of the second verse, going into the third with Em’s verse. The “chika chika slim shady” reference is effortless and the transition into Eminem’s verse is perfect!! I can’t even pick out specific lyrics from this song because the speed and flow is so consistent and incredible throughout that it would almost be insulting to pick it out.

P!nk Ft Khalid – Hurts 2B Human

P!nk recently released this song featuring Khalid and I really like it. For some reason I feel this song brings out emotions and I could listen to P!nk sing all day. Her voice is so powerful. Have a listen below;

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3 Tracks you should be listening to:

I’ve been slacking with my usual throwback reviews or new music reviews. Content will be back to normal very soon. In the meantime, I have a few songs on repeat on my Spotify atm and think you guys should check them out.

1. Professor Green Ft Rag’n’Bone Man – Photographs

I am a fan of Pro Green & love his deeper songs. Similarly to “Never be a right time”, this is another personal and relatable song with a beautiful message. I read somewhere that he said the track is “all about wishing for the photos we can no longer take”. The song is also a tribute to his dad who sadly commuted suicide. The lyrics are so touching and Pro Green is ultimately saying that photographs help when thinking of those we have lost, as he states “Just a memory of you is not enough”. The collaboration from Rag’n’Bone Man is perfect as the song has a great balance. One of the most memorable lines for me is when Pro Green raps “We all thought that the moments would last but the moments don’t last, the moments pass & the only thing that lasts is the photograph”. Hopefully this song inspires people to take more photos of and with their loved ones!

2. Ariana Grande – thank u, next

This song has gained so much attention for obvious reasons. I am beginning to really enjoy Ariana Grande songs. It may be due to the fact I feel she is maturing alot more in her song content and even her voice. The vocal ability in this song is overlooked. The great thing about this song is that it had the potential to become a very bitter song with a bad message but she has turned it in such a positive way. The message being sometimes in life we go through highs and lows, we fall in love and get hurt. The main thing to remember is each lesson you learn from each experience. Song content aside, the music production and Ariana’s angelic voice are amazing in this track. Only bad thing is that it’s so catchy that you will be saying “next” after every “thank you” now! Haha!

3. Mr Eazi – Yard & Chill

Mr Eazi has just released a new mixtaoe entitled “Lagos to London”. The EP contains a collection of great songs but this is one of the ones I’ve been playing since the release. The song is produced by one of my favourite producers Jae5. It’s a feel good song with incredible music production that would make you think you are listening to a live rendition in your earphones. “Give me love baby, don’t be wicked”, you will be screaming this line in a Nigerian accent after hearing this song. The song reminds me of an African themed Orchestra or Highlife music. I recommend you play this song on the loudest volume to appreciate the sound at its best!

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Songs to start of the Week;

These 3 songs are songs to look out for and listen to this week:

1. Lady Leshur – Black Panther.

Lady Leshur is a female UK rapper & is probably best known for her infamous ‘Queen’s Speech’ freestyles. This particular song has a similar authenticity to her previous material and the song demonstrates her rapping talent. The accompanying video shows Leshur rapping on a train and in an alley with frequent references “Wakanda Forever” to the famous 2018 movie ‘Black Panther’. Her wordplay isis next to none which makes her one of the best the UK has. Favourite Line: “heat like Miami, free throw on ’em, Dwayne Wade on the gyally….Um, that’s a 3-second violation”

2. Da Beatfreakz Ft. Mr Eazi, Seyi Shay & Shakka – Take Over. 

Any song featuring Mr Eazi, Seyi Shay or Shakka is bound to be hit so you can imagine how good it is with all of them together on the same song! You’ll be singing “take over, take over” all day after hearing this song. The harmonies, the fusion of Seyi Shay’s soothing voice with Shakka’s unique sound and lovely afrobeat vibe provided by Mr Eazi makes it a future hit for sure. Favourite Line:”Baby let me sweet your tea”

3. Cardi B – I Like It Ft. J Balvin & Bad Bunny.

Arguably one of the stand out songs from Cardi B’s highly anticipated debut album. The song mixes latina music and reggaeton on a trap beat. I love the fact Cardi goes back to her Latina roots and it is a refreshing chaange from the mood on the album. This song will probably be a big summer hit and could possbly be the next Luis Fonsi “Despacito” in terms of popularity. Definitely a great song to start the week on! Favourite Line/section: “Eating halal, driving the Lam’, told that bitch I’m sorry though…bout my coins like Mario….yeah they call me Cardi B, I run this shit like cardio” (Then the beat changes and it is amazing)