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Songs to start of the Week;

These 3 songs are songs to look out for and listen to this week:

1. Lady Leshur – Black Panther.

Lady Leshur is a female UK rapper & is probably best known for her infamous ‘Queen’s Speech’ freestyles. This particular song has a similar authenticity to her previous material and the song demonstrates her rapping talent. The accompanying video shows Leshur rapping on a train and in an alley with frequent references “Wakanda Forever” to the famous 2018 movie ‘Black Panther’. Her wordplay isis next to none which makes her one of the best the UK has. Favourite Line: “heat like Miami, free throw on ’em, Dwayne Wade on the gyally….Um, that’s a 3-second violation”

2. Da Beatfreakz Ft. Mr Eazi, Seyi Shay & Shakka – Take Over. 

Any song featuring Mr Eazi, Seyi Shay or Shakka is bound to be hit so you can imagine how good it is with all of them together on the same song! You’ll be singing “take over, take over” all day after hearing this song. The harmonies, the fusion of Seyi Shay’s soothing voice with Shakka’s unique sound and lovely afrobeat vibe provided by Mr Eazi makes it a future hit for sure. Favourite Line:”Baby let me sweet your tea”

3. Cardi B – I Like It Ft. J Balvin & Bad Bunny.

Arguably one of the stand out songs from Cardi B’s highly anticipated debut album. The song mixes latina music and reggaeton on a trap beat. I love the fact Cardi goes back to her Latina roots and it is a refreshing chaange from the mood on the album. This song will probably be a big summer hit and could possbly be the next Luis Fonsi “Despacito” in terms of popularity. Definitely a great song to start the week on! Favourite Line/section: “Eating halal, driving the Lam’, told that bitch I’m sorry though…bout my coins like Mario….yeah they call me Cardi B, I run this shit like cardio” (Then the beat changes and it is amazing)


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