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Music & Life Podcast – Episode 4 – “Apple Of My Eye”

Hello everyone!!! I’m finally back with another episode!!! In this week’s episode, I talk about my love for Rick Ross, new music I’ve been listening to and why I believe music nowadays doesn’t really have replay value. I hope you enjoy this episode! Links will be below:

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The title of the episode is inspired by this Rick Ross song below:

Feel free to also check out my previous album review below for Rick Ross last album release for ‘Port of Miami 2’, released in 2019.

Another article where I discussed his talent:

Free Mason

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Music and Life Podcast Playlists:

Hey Everyone! I’ve compiled a playlist for all the songs I mention on the podcast episodes! There is a playlist for those on Spotify and those on Apple Music!

Episode 3 is available everywhere!

Follow them below! They will be updated regularly!



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Music and Life Podcast – Episode 1!!!!

Hello everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! Some great news for you all!! The first episode of my Podcast is finally out!! In this episode I recap on all of the madness from 2020! I talk about all the albums and artists I’ve loved this year as well as some news and current events that have taken place this year! Hope you all enjoy the first episode and stay tuned for more episodes releasing on Mondays!!!

Links below!


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The song inspired by this episode:

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Breaking News!!! NEW PODCAST ALERT!!

I finally have some news to tell you all! I have started a podcast!!

The Music & Life Podcast will be released on Mondays! I will talk all things music! At the moment please have a listen to the trailer which is available on Spotify and PocketCasts at the moment. I’m really excited to start this new journey with you all and hopefully you all enjoy! Check out the teaser below and check out the Spotify and Apple Podcast pages too.

Apple Podcasts: