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Better Man

PND is infamous for his soothing slow jams. This song is no different. The only difference being Rick Ross is able to give a taste of his own flavour. Similarly to P Square’s song ‘Beautiful Onyinye” which features Ross, he is able to provide the song with a nice contrast to the calming melody already present. In this song it is evident that PND is singing about someone he had wronged proclaiming he wants to be a “better man”.

The lyrics that stick out to me mostly are “It seems like breakin’ your heart is the easiest part & lovin’ you right, only gets harder”. The juxtaposition in those lines stand out. They highlight the contradiction he feels. He wants to be a better man but he doesn’t act like one. He wants to make her happy but he isn’t. It is more apparent in the fact he keeps repeating the lines “What do I gotta do? Yeah (What do I gotta do?)” emphasising his confusion.

I do feel he is saying breaking her heart is the easiest because if he continues staying with her he will continue to break her. If he breaks her heart and leaves then maybe he can use that time to be the man she deserves…a “Better Man”.


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