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Where is the Love?

Where Is The Love?” is a song by The Black Eyed Peas mostly focussing on police brutality, racism, gang violence and terrorism.

Last night a 17 year old girl was shot dead in North London. Before today , there have been 46 murders in London in 2018, including 31 fatal stabbings. This HAS to stop. Kids are killing kids and it’s beyond sad.

Everytime something bad like this happens in London, I remember this BEP song. “People killin’, people dyin’…Children hurt and you hear ’em cryin”. These lines couldn’t be more relevant. People are DYING , kids are killing and for what!? Where is the love!?

“Negative images is the main criteria, Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria”. This line feels very relatable because the fact young people are killing or even having access to such weapons makes you wonder. What is it that is corrupting these kids to make them think killing is ok?

I feel myself constantly reciting Justin’s verse when he sings “Father, father, father, help us
send some guidance from above. These people got me, got me questionin’, Where is the love?” The only thing I can do is pray but I really do pray this gets better because this honestly can’t continue.


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