Throwback Thursday (US Style)

It’s Thursday so what better day to focus on some throwbacks! Remember to follow my ‘Slowjams/Throwbacks” Spotify playlist. Link is above.

One of the songs that is the focus today is a song by the US singer Mario. The song was featured on his 2004 album ‘Turning Point’. These were the days music was actually in CD form. I remember going out to buy the CD and had the album on repeat. I can recite all the lyrics. This song is great to be playing in summer and can relate to anytime. The song is Mario singing on what he wants to have in a woman. He sings “I need a girl thats smart (& really intelligent) a girl with heart, somebody who dont take no s***”. I like how he encourages the idea of a strong woman. Baby Cham offers a “bashment” feel and is able to express his idea that he would like a “ride or die” woman.

If you haven’t heard the album I suggest you have a listen. The album is filled with hits!

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