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Throwback Thursday (UK Style)

‘Black Boys’ (2007) by UK rapper Bashy is arguably one of his most famous songs. The song is a powerful track focussing on the positives of Black people. Bashy addresses the Black kids in Britain who feel there aren’t a lot of good representation of Black people in the media. “There’s bare positive black boys around you making movements”, he reminds them that there are a lot of role models.

This song is embedded in many people’s childhood as a song that inspired and put hope in the minds of young black kids in London. The song can still be related to today’s society as positive images of people of colour in the media are still rare especially in the UK. With the recent anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death and birthday of the late, great Maya Angelou, I question who the greats of this generation will be.

The song’s bridge is sang by Loick Essien “Ooh child, things are gonna get easier”. We still hope and pray that is the case.


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