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Throwback Thursday (UK Style)

In 2015 British rapper Tinie Tempah released his ‘Junk Food’ mixtape. The tape featured some of the UK’S best artists. The mixtape was Tinie Tempah reminding people that he was still a rapper. This particular song ‘100 Friends’ features one of our best… J Hus.

The verse from J Hus could be argued to be one of his best guest verses. A particular line that sticks out “If she don’t like Hus, then she must like women”. Hus uses his clever punchlines to articulate his talent throughout the whole verse. Another great thing about this song is the production produced by the incredible Nana Rogues. He also produced ‘Been The man’, ‘We don’t play no games’, ‘Autogas’, ‘Look at me and ‘Might Flip’ on the tape.

Have a listen below if you haven’t heard the song or the mixtape.


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