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Throwback Thursday (US Style)

Beyoncé’s third studio album released in 2008, “I Am… Sasha Fierce” was possibly one of her best albums. The album featured two disks. The first one focusing on her usual slow/R&B ballads while the second focused on her alter ego ‘Sacha Fierce’ meaning more uptempo songs.

The song ‘Scared of Lonely’ was featured on the deluxe version and focusses on Beyoncé asking for care and attention in the relationship. Beyoncé as the ability to convey the emotions she wings about. The song allows us to witness a vulnerable side; “I’m scared of lonely & I’m scared of being the only shadow I see along the wall”. The lyrics in this song portray Beyoncé as a woman who is being neglected from her other half.

The song showcases Beyoncés vocal range and the only regret was that this was not released as a single.


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