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Throwback Thursday (US Style)

Today’s entry is Meek Mill’s beautiful song “Save Me”. The song was originally released as the opening song on “Meekend Music II” but Meek re released on his 2017 album ‘Wins & Losses’. The song is quite personal as it focuses on Meek finding himself again after all the drama that had been happening in his life such as fame and prison.

Certain lyrics depict Meek’s state of mind as he frequently sings “Somebody save me, save me” demonstrating his need for guidance. Meek is arguably most known for his hyped up songs and club bangers but the song has a vulnerability to it that really suits him. It probes the versatility to Meek and the evidence that he is here to stay. The ending is quite sad too as he sings “In a cell all alone, can’t let it phase me. I just wanna make it home to see my baby”.

Check out the track below.


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