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New Music Friday.

British duo Krept and Konan have recently advertised the fact they are about to open a restaurant called ‘Crepes & Cones’. The restaurant is a food and dessert place based in Croydon (the hometown of the duo) and is due to be opened on Saturday the 12th May 2018. In anticipation for the release, they have released a song also with the same title featuring Mo Stack and Steel Banglez of the production. The opening is tainted a hit with the sad news that the manager and the duo’s close friend ‘Nash’ had died. The duo have announced the proceeds of the song will be given to his family.

Krept opens the song; “Who’d ever thought I’d move food again? Man’s some serious guys….Don’t waffle ’bout crepe”. The song features the duo’s usual clever wordplays and is a great promotional song for their new venture!



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